Mrs Hinch explains how to clean every room in your house – from kitchen to loo


2021 is nearly upon us, and there is nothing better than kicking off the new year with a sparkling clean home.

But scrubbing every room can seem like a massive chore, and while some have found cleaning therapeutic in 2020 others still couldn’t think of a worse way to spend a day of annual leave.

Luckily, Mrs Hinch has shared a number of helpful tips and hacks which will make the whole thing easier and speedier.

The social media star, AKA Sophie Hinchliffe, made a name for herself with her simple and affordable advice and has become an online celebrity.

The former Essex hairdresser’s favourite products – which all have their own nicknames – are almost permanently sold out.

Her cleaning cupboard – dubbed her Narnia – is packed with must-have products.

Open about her battle with anxiety – Mrs Hinch admits cleaning has helped her overcome some of the worst symptoms.

But what are Mrs Hinch’s tips for cleaning every room in your house, and which products do you need in your very own Narnia?

Here, she reveals all.

Mrs Hinch’s kitchen is utterly immaculate.

From the spotless work tops, to the gleaming floor and the sparkling sink – every surface is shined to perfection.

So, how does she get it in such tip top shape?

First, she starts with the sink.

Mrs Hinch uses soda crystals in her plugs. She pours some down and then follows it with white vinegar.

Once it’s fizzed she makes the whole room smell amazing by pouring a capful of her favourite Zoflora and leaves for five minutes.

Next, she pours a kettle full of boiling water down the sink to get rid of the soda crystals.

To achieve the amazing sparkle on her sink Mrs Hinch uses her go-to favourite, Pink Stuff, wiping it all over the sink and then wiping it away.

She then uses a pine disinfectant and wipes the whole sink with her Minky – a must-have for any member of the Hinch Army.

And to get that all important shine, Mrs Hinch then uses Cif Stainless Steel, sprays it on, leaves it for 10 minutes and then she wipes it off with Buddy, her name for the Spontext Microfibre Kitchen cloths.

Next, she tackles the floor. Using her trusty Vera (the Vileda spray mop), she uses diluted Zoflora mix to mop floors.

This works on laminate or or tiles and the instructions of how to make up the diluted mix are on the box.

For a deep clean, Mrs Hinch mops with Trace (the Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket).

She vaccums up all the crumbs on her work tops, getting right into the corners, and makes sure she shakes her toaster to remove all the bits of bread.

Mrs Hinch uses a Zoflora mix, which she puts in a spray and works across her work tops, using a Pinky to clean away any mess.

She makes sure she does this every night before she goes to bed.

On her halogen hob and glass oven door, Mrs Hinch uses her Kermit, a Minky M Cloth, and some white vinegar.

She wipes plugs and light switches down with Cif Power and Shine wipes.

And how to get the bottom of your frying pans super clean, Mrs Hinch style – she uses Fairy Power Spray, which she leaves on for three minutes and then and scrubs away.

For a basic oven clean, take the racks out and soak them in washing up liquid and warm water.

Then roughly wipe them down with Cif Power and Shine.

Put a tea towel on the floor and open the oven. Using a generous dollop of Pink Stuff on your Minky, which you’ve dipped in a glass of warm water and washing up liquid.

Wipe the oven to remove crumbs from the door and then rub the Pink Stuff in with Minky.

Do the same to the inside of the oven and leave it for five minutes.

Go back to the racks and use Minky to rub excess Pink Stuff into them then leave.

With Minky still a bit damp rub it all into the racks, squeeze it out and rub it in again with a little water.

Rinse out Minky and use other side to get rid of all the Pink Stuff.

Rinse Minky again with no bubbles and use it to finish wiping the oven. Then dry with kitchen roll and make sure you all the seals are completely dry.

Then spray your oven door with pine disinfectant to clean the outside and rub in with Minky.

Use a white vinegar spray to clean the glass and rub it all in with Minky.

Get rid of the bubbles in the sink and rinse racks.

Use an oven liner in the bottom of the oven to catch the dirt and wipe down with a damp Minky onboth sides and then leave to air dry.

Put everything back in.

Clean everything out of the bathroom.

Use a dry tumble drier sheet on your towel rails to remove all the dust.

Spray Buddy, which is a B&M Scrub Buddy Cleaning Pad, with Stainless Steel Cif and wipe the rail down, vefore buffing up with Kermit.

Then use a Pledge fluffy duster starter kit, called Dave to remove dust from window sills and surfaces.

Next, spray the surfaces with Flash bathroom and wipe down.

And then comes the toilet, using Harpic bleach, make sure you get the nozzle of the bottle right on the rim of the seat.

Wipe the whole toilet, starting with the lid, moving onto the body and then the seat, with Cif Power and Shine wipes.

Pour Flash Bathroom into the sink and use your Minky to wipe it down.

Next, pour Flash into the bath and rinse with water from the tap.

Them spray the shower and taps with Viakal and leave for no longer than five minutes.

To make sure your shower screen stays immaculate, spray it with Astonish Mould and wipe with Minky to get any build up off.

Rinse Viakal with your shower and rinse the Astonish off the glass, before shining up with Minky and then Kermit.

Dust any skirting boards with Dave and then mop with Trace.

Pour a neat cap of Zoflora into the bottom of the bath and another one into the bottom of your toilet brush.

Use Cif sSainless Steel spray on taps, shower heads and anything metallic in the shower or bathroom to make them really shine.

To keep your bathroom in tip top shape, put a capful of Bloo Aroma down your toilet. You can leave overnight if you want to remove limescale.

Living room
Before you really get down to making sure your living room is spotless, use Dave the duster to dust all surfaces.

The use Sheen on all surfaces and wipe down with a duster.

Spray your sofa with Detol All In One spray and then sprinkle 1001 carpet spray and leave on the carpet.

Mrs Hinch loves using leather wipes on her leather furniture to make them smell amazing and keep them gleaming.

To make your glass table tops the envy of your friends, use Elbow Grease Degreaser to remove smudges and then wipe down with Kermit.

Mirrors can also be made to really shine with a good wipe down with Kermit.

To keep sofa and curtains smelling heavenly, Mrs Hinch uses Febreeze.

To make cushions smell divine, Mrs Hinch pops a tumble dryer shwet in each one and then sprays Dettol Disinfectant Spray on all her doors.

To keep on top of pet hair, Mrs Hinch uses a pet brush on her sofa once a week before she vaccums it.

Vera can be used on wooden or laminate floors.

Start each day by spraying your bed with Dettol spray.

To make it smell amazing, you can use a mixture of fabric softner and water in a spray bottle and use it to spray your duvet and pillows.

Use Dave to get all the dust from your bed head and chairs before using a tumble dryer sheet to wipe down the slats of your blinds.

And for that extra Mrs Hinch touch, put a tumble dryer sheet in your pillow cases to keep them smelling nice.

Use Astonish Window and Glass and wipe down with kermit to clean mirrors and glass.

Next make sure you Dave, spray Sheen and dust all surfaces.

Then vaccum your skirting boards with the relevant attachment.

Dining room
Pour diluted Zoflora onto the dining table and rub in with Pinky.

Use fabric conditioner spray on curtains before you spray the carpet with 1001 and leaving it.

Make sure you Dave all the surfaces before dusting with Sheen and a duster.

Spray door handles with Dettol Disinfectant Spray to make sure they’re hygienic.

Hall, stairs and landing
Vaccum and then spray the carpet with 1001.

Use a capful of fabric conditioner in a washing up bowl of warm water to clean down skirting boards and woodwork but make sure you Dave first to remove the dirt.

This mixture also removes marks from paintwork without removing the paint. Use Minky to rub it in

Finish the whole house by steaming and then vacuum cleaning the whole home.

Shopping list
Minky – one for every job
Sharon shark
Pink Stuff
Cif stainless steel
Flash bathroom
Flash bathroom to remove soap scum
Cif power and shine wipes
Harpic pine
Astonish window and glass
Cif floor wipes
Zoflora – pick your favourite scent, to use neat or dilute
Astonish germ clear disinfectant spray
Elbow Grease degreaser
Rubber gloves
Fabric conditioner Lenor spring awakening
Ariel gel
Ace stain remover and colour brightener
Unstoppables from Lenor (also used in organza
Astonish oxy active plus (one scoop in every wash)
Mrs Hinch’s best cleaning tips
Stardrops 4-in-1 pine disinfectant spray (used to clean sinks everyday)
Harpic Active Fresh (pine)
Dave the duster
1001 carpet fresh, spray it and leave it
Bloo foam aroma
Flash bathroom spray
Sharon the shark
Flash bathroom spray
Astonish mould and mildew blaster
Flash bathroom to remove soap and scum
Dettol disinfectant spray
Tumble dryer sheets
Soda crystals
White vinegar stardrops
Steam microwave cleaner
Cif cream with micro crystals
Astonish toilet bowl power clean tabs
Cif power and shine multi purpose
Leather wipes
Stainless steel wipes
Cif floor wipes
Hard floor wipes
Ad hocs
The Pink Stuff
Dr Beckmann carpet stain remover
Vileda 1-2 spray mop (Vera)
Minkeh (Minky anti-bacterial cleaning pad)
Dave (Pledge fluffy duster starter kit)
Buddy (Spontex microfibre kitchen kit)
Pinkeh (Minky extra thick super absorbent sponge wipes)
Trace (Vileda turbo microfibre mop and bucket set)